Cindy Powell, Disability Educator
and Sign Language Instructor

Customized Disability and Sign Language Training

What professionals say:
"Cindy can be a force of nature. She channels all her amazing energy toward the task at hand. She is well versed on the Americans with Disabilities Act. She regularly travels within
a multi-state region to train employers, doctors and the courts. Cindy instructs them on the correct way to interpret the law and provide services for the disabled who go through their systems. She teaches and is fluent in Sign Language.
I found her to be focused, loyal and generous."
"Cindy has an amazing ability to communicate with all types
of people especially those with physical or mental disabilities. She is an awesome instructor of American Sign Language. She was patient and explained every detail of what she taught. Cindy always left her co-workers, including myself, wanting
to know more of whatever she was teaching or discussing."
"Cindy is a tremendous asset when it comes to knowing
the ADA and is always able to make recommendations for businesses to be compliant with the law. Cindy is excellent presenter and teacher with a great sense of humor who can really stimulate a great discussion. She is an extremely talented professional who won't disappoint you with her extensive knowledge."
"Cindy is first rate in everything she does. She, with her warm personality, has the ability to relate to people on any level and would not hesitate to share her keen knowledge regarding the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) with them at any time.
It is never a difficult task for her to engage her audience.
Cindy is all about humanity and how every human being should be treated equally!"
"I've had the opportunity to train with Cindy on numerous occasions. She is an amazing resource on disability-related issues and the Americans with Disabilities Act.  She is
a professional, compassionate and dynamic presenter
and a great mentor."
"I worked with Cindy when I was employed with the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment. Cindy and I worked effectively in a team environment. I worked with transitioning military members, veterans and disabled veterans to help
them find employment. Cindy was very creative in helping me problem solve possible accommodations a veteran might
need to be successful in a career field of their choosing.  
Cindy often conducted training on ADA laws. I nominated Cindy and she received the 2006 Colorado chapter of the International Association of Workforce Professionals (IAWP) Services to Specialized Populations Award for her work with the veteran population. I would highly recommend Cindy.
She is compassionate, a consummate team player, and an expert when it comes to helping people who work with
people with disabilities."

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What disability training participants say:
"I learned so much - I thought I had a good working knowledge of ADA - I do not. The information was applicable and very informative. Very energetic presentation and a lot of great material. Thank you, Cindy."
"Instructor is always adequately prepared and hands out appropriate subject handouts. She is a “master” in the material that she provides and speaks about!"
"Instructor was very well informed and relayed information excellently. I really enjoyed her teaching style and effectiveness."
"I really loved how organized and interactive the training is. I will use the print outs as a reference in the future."
"Truly an expert. Interactive. Very good information."
"Very engaging and great information. Really liked the examples provided which made it easier to understand."
What sign language participants say:
"Absolutely loved the class. I greatly appreciate your style of teaching. Great methods!"
"Cindy has so much experience. She was an excellent teacher and made the material easy to understand and learn. It was a pleasure to learn from her."
"Cindy is FABULOUS! She makes learning SO easy! I will be back and send anyone interested her way!"
"Cindy’s enthusiasm is contagious. Very good intro to sign language and Deaf culture. Would highly recommend."
"Energy, motivation and participation of class was awesome. Cindy was a wonderful presenter."
"I cannot believe all I have learned in such a short time! Cindy, you are an amazing teacher and have made this class an absolute delight! Thank you!"
"Positive, encouraging enthusiasm made this fun and memorable. Thanks!!!"
"Very informative and simple to learn based on instructor’s ability to train effectively."
"Wonderful! Cindy is an outstanding teacher. She knows the material SO well yet takes the time to ensure each student fully understands the material. EXCELLENT!"
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